We celebrate a diverse & inclusive society [ethnocultures — gender — ages — morphologies — +] authentically. Our mission is to bring together a collection of images and offer advices to reflect the vast kaleidoscope of Canadian society, communities, realities and experiences.


Discouraged by the giant lack of representation around from us, we've decided to take the bull by the horns and gradually create images and tools which mirror society in which we live in, via La Ruche crowdfunding.

For Whom

All communications and marketing teams seeking a little help to rethink their biases in order to develop more accurate, more diverse and more inclusive communication tools, in a safe space spirit.


Images available in spring 2023

  • Bank of diverse and inclusive images produced by Pre&ent.
  • Portal to present the photographers, collaborators.


To inspire diverse & inclusive state of mind. Throughout the creative process stages, there is an opportunity to better represent. Provide workshops and support to demystify biases and blind spots in order to better understand and reflect consumers.

  • Collaborate with various expert profiles
  • Understand the unseen realities of his target(s)
  • Analyze ethnographic data with business, brand objectives
  • Rethink the creative brief & communications
  • Pre-assess concepts and creative development
  • Evaluate the choices of creative collaborators across departments
  • Probe and evaluate results


We are a group of communicators who strive to create image content where all Canadians see themselves – and envision themselves – in all spheres of society.

We believe that representation leads to empowerment. That being seen leads to being heard. That a new perspective leads to a new outlook.

We’re not out to change the world. We’re out to change our world view.

A view where everyone is included. Everyone can contribute. And ultimately, everyone wins.

Because we believe that a broader picture leads to broader possibilities.